Our opening hours

Paris Select is open
Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
from 5 am to 10.30 am
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
from 4 am to 12 am

At Paris Select professionalism is characterized by a close-knit team driven by a passion for exceptional produce, proven by the fact that our staff stay with the firm for 13 years on average. We aim to work quickly and efficiently in order to provide an impeccable service that has expanded over the years, like an echo, to become one of the main components of our fame today.

The sales team

They all have a solid background in the many sectors that shape the retail world (markets, stores, mass distribution), because we believe in the added value of this type of experience, which also develops a keen awareness of the demand, to be in a position to propose an appropriate offer.

Our enthusiastic sales team stands out from the competition for the following reasons.

The partnership we build with our producers goes far beyond a simple trade agreement. It is a privileged relationship that we nurture through regular visits, inspecting farms and understanding the routine constraints these producers face. This proximity fosters honest exchanges and a confrontation between supply and demand. Paris Select’s salespeople bring their retail experience and overview of the market, while the producers help us learn and understand the techniques that make them so extraordinary.

What better way to build such strong ties between exceptional local farming and consumers?

We think this proximity pays homage to the hard work of our producers and our sales team and effectively allows us to propose the quintessence of fruit and vegetables from the four corners of the world.

The order-processing team

The firm’s renown would naturally not be the same without the key position of order picker. They also have a perfect knowledge of the products and the customers. They handle the goods from the unloading bay to collection. Thanks to their experience and hard work, they know where to ship the goods, how long they will be in transit, the means of transport and whether shipments are going to luxury restaurants, greengrocers or semi-wholesalers, etc. They use all that information to prepare orders to perfection and set up an order-processing routine that ensures orders are ready on time. Our order pickers are also in charge of the store layout and displaying to best advantage the flagship products we offer our clientele. Their hard work and the compliance with a number of specifications have resulted in many quality certifications like:

  • Qualipomfel
  • FEL commitment
  • FEL partnership
  • and now FEL excellence which is in progress