Our opening hours

Paris Select is open
Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
from 5 am to 10.30 am
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
from 4 am to 12 am

We keep a close watch on new trends and new products. We anticipate our customers’ needs. Our strength is linked to this pioneer role, which we have earned through the sale of baby vegetables, the exclusivity on exceptional green asparagus from Pertuis, a supply of remarkable cherries 47 to 48 weeks per year, etc.

At PARIS SELECT, dynamism is also characterized by a young team, who listens to customers and their needs, and knows how to anticipate events. We can quickly find the solution to a problem or even anticipate thanks to faultless communication and a rapid circulation of information. We must always be ready for the unexpected in our business, whether due to weather conditions or transport problems. Unfortunately, we just have to put up with these hazards. However, Paris Select’s strength lies in the energy with which we respond to them, organizing regular reviews to anticipate these situations. We are not magicians when a transport problem arises, but on the departure of the goods we do require confirmations from our suppliers to confirm our orders and quantities and also to have visibility on the delivery time. If there is a problem, we are in a position to instantly contact the people in charge and work out the best decision to take for the sake of all the parties involved.